Today, Saturday the 13th of March at 4:54 pm eastern time, I stepped out of our motorhome to start dinner. I immediately heard loud music and thought to myself how rude, we’re in a campground with hundreds of people. But to my surprise I quickly realized it was “God Bless The U.S.A.” by Lee Greenwood! As I stood and listened to it I had goosebumps. When the song finally ended there was an immediate roar, loud whistling and honking of horns…needless to say the goosebumps were even more pronounced. Now mind you this is in a state park in South Carolina…..just everyday people camping and enjoying our right to move freely and enjoy our great country!

Earlier today we noticed golf carts with Trump 2024 flags as well as American flags flying proudly. It did not dawn on me what was coming later with the show of support for Donald J Trump! To this day I know there’s no way Trump lost to Biden. I have never seen a love and respect for any President in my lifetime, not even close! My family and I have traveled through approximately 15 to 20 states this past year, the enthusiasm and show of support was everywhere. We observed signs, flags, painted barns, billboards, boat parades, and truck parades. Spoke to countless people and business owners and they all expressed the same admiration for our former President Donald J Trump. My conclusion, the same as everyone else’s that I meet across this great country, no way he lost! #Trump2024